Dog portrait of Sebastian Dachshund


Dog portrait of Sebastian Dachshund

Dog portrait. Dachshund or sausage dog, either way Sebastian is an awesome little fella. I actually used to work in the same office as Sebastian. On a daily basis Seb's Dachshund nature shone through. As with allot of dogs and especially short legged ones it is a good idea to photograph them low down. The benefit of a miniature breed is you can lift them up to a surface nearer your height. I think Sebastian's portrait also works particularly well as the tan background matches his coat.

A dog illustration is the best way to get a modern, unique pet portrait of your dog. They are  bright, fun and colourful and they are pretty unique as well. I haven’t come across any similar style with your pets name in the illustration. If you want a lasting memory of your favourite pet,  a dog illustration is perfect. It would also make a splendid  gift for a friend. Compared to traditional paintings of pets, a dog illustration is quite a bit quicker to produce, and is far more in keeping with modern décor. Each dog illustration, like Sebastian the Dachshund, is printed using a technique called Gilcée . This is an industrial inkjet printer that uses inks that are guaranteed not to fade with time. I use an art printer in London to produce my prints using this equipment and materials. It ensure a perfect full-bodied print every time. Each dog illustration is printed to order, and every care is taken to ensure a perfect print. Every dog illustration is printed onto a thick textured paper. It is a 310gsm Canson cotton rag stock. That means it is really thick. And has a beautifully textured surface to it. Alternative finishes to your dog illustration are available, such as silk or photographic print paper. I can also produce prints with special inks such as gold, or ink with luminescence.